If you no longer want to have a PicMonkey account, you can either cancel your membership or delete your whole account. Please note that these are not the same thing.

If you’re a PicMonkey Premium or Supremium subscriber, canceling keeps your account active for the amount of time you had left on your membership and then it will not renew. 

To go from a Premium or Supremium subscription to a free account, or move from Supremium to Premium, see the Help article about downgrading.

To cancel your membership

You can cancel your PicMonkey membership at any time from your account page by selecting Cancel membership and then confirming your cancellation. If you have images in your Hub, you will be prompted to save them before you cancel your membership.

Please note that if you are cancelling the account in order to not be charged again, the membership needs to be cancelled prior to the next renewal date (you can find your renewal date on your account page).