Overlays are PicMonkey's version of stickers, graphics, or clipart that you can add to your photos and designs. This article will show you how to add overlays.

Adding a PicMonkey overlay

From the PicMonkey Editor:

  • Click the Overlays tab (the butterfly icon in the editing panel on the left).
  • Explore our selection of overlays, until you find one that you like.
  • To add the overlay to your picture or canvas, just click it.
  • Once the overlay appears, you can move it into place by dragging it.

You can find more overlays in the Themes tab.

To layer overlays:

  • You can add as many overlays to your image as you want.
  • If you add an overlay on top of another one and want it to appear behind the first overlay, right-click the new one and select Send to back. Other options include Bring forward, Bring to front, and Send backward.
  • You can also change the stacking order by clicking the Layers palette button, located on the far-left side of the bottom toolbar.
  • Click the overlay you want to move in the Layers palette, then click the arrows to send it forward or backward, or all the way to the front or back.
To learn more about how to edit overlays, check out this help article.

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