PicMonkey basic subscribers can store their projects in Hub, PicMonkey’s smart storage solution that lets you re-edit your work later. This includes projects created with PicMonkey’s Collage tool. Working with collages stored in Hub is slightly different than working with single images. Here’s an overview of how to work with collages that you saved to Hub and want to re-edit.

Re-opening collages in the collage maker

To open a collage you have stored in Hub: 

  • Hover over Collage on the homepage and click My Hub from the options that appear.

  • Your Hub will appear with the Collages tab open. 

  • Now select the collage you want to edit. 

  • Click Collage at the bottom of the gallery. 

If you’re already in Collage, click New in the top toolbar, then My Hub. Hub will appear with the Collages tab open.  

When your collage opens in the Collage tool, you can continue to make changes, including adding new cells and photos. A basic account also allows you to send the individual photos in your collage cells to the Editor.
Note that any individual images that you sent to the Editor from Collage were flattened when you saved your collage to Hub. This means that you will not be able to change text and graphics on that individual image, but you can make changes to the overall Collage design.

If you clicked Export to Editor in the top toolbar in Collage before you saved it to Hub, your collage will be flattened when you re-open it.

Opening collages in the Editor

If you’d like to apply effects, text, graphics, textures, or Touch Up tools to a collage that you have stored in Hub, you can open it in the Editor without having to open it in Collage first. 

To open a collage from Hub in the Editor:

  • Hover over Edit or Touch Up on the PicMonkey homepage.

  • Click My Hub from the options that appear. 

  • Click the Collages tab at the top of the gallery.

  • Select the collage you want to edit. 

  • Click Edit at the bottom of the gallery. 

Your collage will open in the Editor as a flattened, single image. Note that you will not be able to adjust the layout, add or delete photos, or edit individual photos. You can still apply effects, touch up tools, and textures to areas of your flattened collage by painting them on.  

Re-saving your collages to Hub

If you’re re-editing your collage in the collage maker and want to store your updated version in Hub, click Update in Hub in the top toolbar. Your collage’s title will appear, along with Update and Make a copy buttons. Update replaces the file you originally had stored in Hub. Make a copy creates a new file in Hub, so your original and newly edited versions will both be stored. Click the option you want.  

If you opened your collage in the Editor, you will see Add to Hub in the top toolbar. Click it to save your flattened, re-edited collage to Hub. When you go to find it in Hub, it will display under the Images tab instead of the Collages tab. The original version will still appear in the Collages tab.  

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