There are four ways to open your photos in Collage: dragging and dropping your photos onto the homepage, using the Collage button at the top of the homepage, using the Add images button in the Images tab if you’re already in Collage, and with the New button (again, if you’re already in Collage).  

Drag and drop your images into Collage

If your images are stored on your computer, drag them over the homepage at Three options will appear: “Drop an image to edit,” “Drop an image to touch up,” and “Drop an image to collage.” Drop your photo into the “Drop an image to collage” target area.

Open an image with the Collage button 

  • Hover over Collage on the PicMonkey homepage and select the location where your photos are stored. You can open your photos from your computer, Hub, Facebook, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Flickr. 

  • Or you can Click the Collage button on the homepage to open the collage maker without first selecting your images. 

Open images when you’re already in Collage

If you already have Collage open, you can add images by clicking the Images tab at the top of the panel on the left-hand side. 

  • If your images are stored on your computer, click the Add images button and select your photos. 

  • If your photos are stored someplace else, click the arrow next to the Add images button and select your photos’ location. 

Open images with the New button

If you already have the collage maker open, you’ll find the New button in the top toolbar, in between Collage and Save. If you want to start a totally new collage from scratch, click it and select where your photos live.

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