Overlays are graphic design elements that you can add to your photos and designs. This article walks through how to change an overlay’s color, position, and orientation and how to erase parts of an overlay.

Editing a PicMonkey overlay

To change the overlay's size and shape:

  • Drag the corner handles to change your overlay’s size while maintaining its aspect ratio.
  • To change your overlay’s size and change its aspect ratio, drag the corner handles while pressing the Shift key on your keyboard.

To change your overlay's color:

  • If your overlay has one color, you can access the color picker right from the overlay palette. You can also use the eyedropper, which lets you pick a color from your image or anywhere in the PicMonkey interface.

  • If your overlay has two colors, click one of the color boxes to access the color picker and eyedropper tools.
  • To change your overlay’s opacity, adjust the Fade slider.
  • Another way to change its color and opacity is by adjusting the blend mode. Scroll through the Blend mode drop-down menu to preview how various blend modes will look on your overlay.

To change your overlay's position and orientation:

  • To rotate your overlay, drag the top handle in the direction that you want it to rotate.
  • To straighten your overlay, right-click it and click Straighten.
  • To flip your overlay horizontally or vertically, click the horizontal or vertical flip buttons on the overlay palette.
  • To move the overlay across a straight horizontal or vertical axis, drag it while holding the Shift key.

To erase part of your overlay:

  • Click the Eraser button in your Overlay palette.
  • Make sure the eraser icon is selected and drag your mouse over the part of the overlay that you want to erase.
  • To add part of the overlay back, click the paintbrush icon.
  • You can adjust the size and intensity of your eraser by moving the Eraser size and Eraser hardness sliders.

You can also add your own overlays to any PicMonkey designs. To learn how to add and edit your own overlays, see How to add and edit your own overlays.

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