PicMonkey allows you to put different types of frames around your photos, such as geometric shapes, drop shadow frames, and museum-quality frames.

Add a frame to your image

To add a frame to your image:

  • Begin by clicking the Frames tab in the Editing Panel. 

  • Click a frame to see how it would look around your image. 

  • If provided, click through the different frame options until you find one that you like.

Adjust the look of the frame

To adjust how your frame looks:

  • Adjust the sliders to change the appearance of your frame. Most frames provide sliders that allow you to adjust size, thickness, shape, angle, and more.

  • Some frames allow you to apply a color. You can select a color by using the color picker, or pick a color from your image by using the eyedropper.

  • Most frames have the option of choosing a transparent background. To make your background transparent, click the Transparent background box.

  • Once you have the frame the way you want it, click Apply.

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