Most PicMonkey design templates have one of two types of backgrounds: a canvas or a graphic.

To see which type of background the template your editing has, check the Background square in the Layers palette. If the color matches the color of the background, it’s a canvas. If the square is a different color (usually white) it’s probably an graphic layer.

Change the color of a graphic background

To change the color of an graphic background, select that layer. The Graphics palette will appear. Use the color gradient in the graphic palette, enter a new hex code, or use the eyedropper to pick a new color from somewhere else inside the PicMonkey Editor.

Change the color of a canvas background

To change the color of a canvas background, click the Basic Edits tab (the first one on the left) and select Canvas Color. This will make the background appear white. If you click Cancel the color will revert back to the way it was before you opened the tool. Use the color gradient to pick a new color, or enter a hex code.

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